A recent release of the publisher Grub Street, London U.K. with above title has been released this year. It is not new, but in fact a re-issue of the original 1943 edition with some additional items like drawings and a photo section. This book has been reprinted many times. This latest version of 2017 has 241 pages as a paperback.

Malta Spitfire

Malta Spitfire

Title of this book more than covers the story of one of the best U.K fighter aces George Beurling. Also his early years are well described. Growing up in Canada and initially rejected by the R.C.A.F. as a pilot since he lacked his High-School papers, he traveled by ship to Great Britain. At that time the R.A.F. was in great need of fighter pilots and after initial and advanced training Beurling joined an operational fighter squadron. After a few sorties over France he was relocated to Malta. At that time it was called the ´fighter pilot paradise´, but in fact life was far from luxury with constant bombing, poor food and too low supplies of necessary goods.

Beurling made at Malta his most ´kills´ until he was wounded after a bale out and fighting was over when he was released from hospital. He was a well-known expert of deflection shooting and as stated in his book, most of his enemy planes were downed by using this technique. His total score was 311/2, most of these scored at Malta. After the war he was killed when his plane exploded shortly after take off in Italy en route to Palestina with a load of weapons.

The book is fascinating and easy to read with a more or less day-by-day account of the R.A.F. fighter operations against German and Italian bombers escorted by dozens of Messerschmitt 109’s and Macchi fighters.

Book details:

Title: Malta Spitfires; the diary of an ace fighter pilot
Author(s): George Beurling and Leslie Roberts
Publisher: Grub Street, London U.K.
Book details: paperback, A5 size, 241 pages with B & W photo section
ISBN: 978-1-906502-98-0
Price: U.K. retail £9.99
Orders: www.grubstreet.co.uk and www.keypublishing.com/shop

With thanks to Key Publishing Ltd.,k U.K. for providing a free book copy.

Nico Braas