As usual this French magazine contains interresting articles with lot of documentation.

TNT 55

TNT 55

  • La modernisation des Main Battle Tanks (the modernisation of the Main Battle Tanks)

The MBT of the new generation are hevily costly and maintenance is also very onerous. So, many countries are choosing to « retrofit » tanks of the previous generation(s), reinforcing protection, adding new systems, upgrading guns, etc. The article presents the options chosen by different countries for different types of MBT.

(8 pages, 16 color photos)

  • Karl Heinz Turk

In de « Des Panzers et des Hommes » (Panzers and men) serie, this short article depicts the last days of the defence of Berlin as a Tiger tank commander.

(2 pages 2 b/w photos, color drawings of Tiger II n°100)

  • Koursk : Panzers versus tanks soviétiques (Kursk : Panzer versus Soviet tanks)

All the most important tanks that took part in the Battle of Kursk are presented and compared between them. The new, technologically advanced Panzers struggled against a Soviet army that was finally free of his obsolete T-26 and BT-7. Comparrison and presentation of the medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank hunters, heavy tank hunters, assault guns/tank hunters, self propelled artillery, flamethrower tanks and also the Allied tanks that were present at Kursk.

(14 pages, lot of drawings)

  • A22 Infantry Tank MK.IV – Churchill MK.IV NA75

How did the captain Percy Hulme Morell to upgrade the A22…

(Two pages, 1 color profile, 1 b/w drawings page)

  • Comment la Panzerwaffe a perdu la guerre (How did the Panzerwaffe manage to loss the war)

Subtitled « L’illusion de la supériorité technologique » (The technological superiority illusion), this long article tries to explain why the germans won lots of battle when they had inferior material, and loosed battles when they had the technological superiority. Reasons are presented and argumented. A very interresting article that is a must to read !

(24 pages, 43 photos, 5 pages of profiles)

  • Autocanone DA75/27 C.K. Itala X

This Autocanone appeared during the First World War and was an advanced vehicle at tha period.

(2 pages, color drawings and b/w drawings)

  • Le Krupp Protze : un tracteur d’artillerie atypique (The Krupp Protze : an atypical artillery tractor)

Wit hits special design (the front of the vehicle being low), the Protze was a very successfull product from Krupp. Not only he served as artillery tractor, but some crew adapted some systems on the Protze ; by example fixing on it a 3,7cm Pak 36

(12 pages, 19 photos, drawings)

  • AMX 30 Brennus : le char réactif (AMX 30 Brennus : the reactive tank)

With the experience of the Gulf War, and awaiting the production of the Leclercq MBT, France constated that a better protection was needed for the AMX-30. So was realised the Brennus, equipped with explosive reactive armour. The tank did not take part to any war but was ready to do that before the arrival of the Leclercq.

(9 pages, 22 photos, technical datas, 1 color profile, 1 page of b/w drawings)

  • Actualité BD : Cette machine tue les Fascistes (Comics news : This machine kills Fascists)

The comic presented this time depicts the history of a JS-1 during the 50 years of service he made ; first in Russia against Nazis, then Prague, the African civil wars, Afghanistan.

(1 page, covert art of the comic book and 5 images)

  • Débat d’actulalité (comments on actuality)

A French reader of TNT reacts after the article of TNT54 about the 10 best MBT of the world. He disagree that the Leclerc occupies the 4th place. Interresting !

TNT is as always warmly recommended !

Daniel Clamot