The GBU-8 HOBOS (Homing Bomb System) was a Vietnam-era guided bomb where the standard iron bomb was fitted with a conversion kit which converted it into a guided bomb. Some 700 were dropped in Vietnam. Eduard produces this bomb in two scales, 1/72 and 1/48.



These kits come as part of the well known Brassin series and they are identical in all but in scale. Smaller one, in 1/72 scale, has the stock code 672 050 and the larger one is 648 169. Both sets come in transparent plastic cases with very simple content, two bomb bodies, two transparent glass, small decal sheet and simple instructional leaflet.

Work on this kit is as simple as possible, remove it from base and start painting. Painting is a bit complicated, mid part is in the bomb color, olive drab or blue and rest are in various metal shades, where is dominant golden shades. This is may be the only problem as since it demands very precise protecting for each color. Final result is on top image.

Great product and you can find them here and here! Big thanks to Eduard for sample products.

Srecko Bradic