Here are my photo’ from Oshkosh – Pioneer Airport, USA.

Oshkosh - Pioneer Airport

Pioneer Airport is a “living history” re-creation of what airports were like during the early days of air travel.
More than 50 aircraft are displayed in seven period hangars designed to take you back to the 1920’s and 1930’s.

1) Monocoupe 110 Clipwing Special s/n N15E
2) Bucker Bu-133 Jungmeister (replica) s/n N258H
3) Driggers 1-A s/n N891H
4) Bell 47G-2 s/n N984B
5) Bell 47G-2 s/n N984B
6) Wittman V-Witt s/n N3259
7) Swallow OX-5 s/n N4028
8) Wittman W-8C Tailwind s/n N5747N
9) Nicholas-Beasley Pobjoy Special (replica) s/n N6119G
10) Pietenpol Air Camper s/n N7533U
11) Douglas DC3(A) s/n N7772 / 223835
12) Douglas DC3(A) s/n N7772 / 223835
13) Douglas DC3(A) s/n N7772 / 223835
14) Ryan STM s/n N17349
15) Wittman Buttercup W s/n N18268
16) Meyers OTW-145 s/n N34357
17) Monocoupe 90AW s/n N38904
18) Pheasant H-10 s/n NC151N
19) Curtiss Wright Travel Air E-4000 s/n NC648H
20) Piper J-3C-65 Cub s/n NC3403K
21) Waco 10 ATO Taperwing s/n NC5814
22) Aeronca LC s/n NC17484
23) Aeronca K s/n NC19723
24) Rearwin 6000M Speedster s/n NC20741
25) Ryan NYP (replica) s/n N-X-211
26) Ryan NYP (replica) s/n N-X-211
27) Rider R-5 Elmendorf Special s/n NX264Y
28) Wittman Hardly Ableson (model)
29) Wittman Hardly Ableson (replica)

Robert Hodgson