For those of you who want to detail your Eduard Spitfire Mk IXc at 1/48th scale (that is often a jawel in itself), the Eduard « SIN 64808 Spitfire Mk.IXc Essential » is a must!

Spitfire cockpit

Spitfire cockpit

This set contains the following brasin sets:

49639 Spitfire Mk. IXc photoetched parts

49062 Seatbelts RAF WWII Fabric

648098 Spitfire wheels – 5 spoke

648099 Spitfire exhausts stacks fishtail

648100 Spitfire MK.IX cockpit

First work was to gently remove the brasin elements from their support. Keep calm, go slowly and you will have no problem at all!

–          The exhausts: the original ones are really fine and stunning, but the brasin one are finer!!! The only attention to do is to place correctly plastic kit parts G43 & G44: an inversion would create big problems when inserting the exhausts in the fuselage… This said, I also suggest when you will have finished the painting of the exhausts, to glue the support only in the fuselage and to reserve the placement of the pipes until all the kit will be painted: more easy for masking and painting phases.

–          The wheels: from far better than the one of the kit. Easy to paint, and there are masks to help you if you use an airbrush.

–          Seatbelts fabric: simply stunning! So realistic! But they need a sure hand to be placed correctly; having shaking hands I’ve preferred (with regrets I must say) to use the photoetched seatbelts. Personal problem; if you have a sure hand don’t hesitate; you will see a big difference!

–          Cockpit set: stunning… Incredible… A pure jewel that will ask for patience because some parts are so tiny… But final result once painted and assembled is great. For the cockpit, verify if the base is sanded enough to fit in the aircraft.

–          Photoetched parts: enough to say that it’s Eduard made, with all the quality you can ask for.

Once again, that set is a must if you wish a well detailed Spitfire IX. Warmly recommended! You may find your sample here!

Daniel Clamot