The Editions Caraktère from France have released a new magazine considered to aerial warfare : Air Combat!

Air Combat

Air Combat

The specificity of the magazine is that it is dedicated to modern warfare involving jets or helicopters; and that first magazine is simply gorgeous! See what you will find inside:

  • A short one page article about the 60th birthday of the famous Patrouille de France
  • A second short article about the 100th birthday of the BR11 (French escadrille)
  • A two pages article about the integration of the NH90 TTH helicopter in the Armée de Terre
  • A stunning 10 pages article about the Falkland aerial warfare: “Bomb Alley” (5 days of Argentinian intensive raids on the Malvinas). That article is incredible with informations that let me stunned… To win or to loose a war depends sometimes of so incredible details like bombs not exploding!
  • 26 pages are consacred to the F-14 Tomcat. Enough to say that it’s a very complete source of informations…
  • 16 pages are describing the situation of the French Armée de l’Air in 2013
  • 10 pages describe the EC665 Tiger helicopter; with a pilot comments about a war mission in Lybia
  • 10 pages are consacred to the Operation Serval
  • And finally, 10 pages are consacred to a war mission of a Mirage 2000 in Afghanistan.

Each article is richly documented with photos and drawings; many of them made by our friend Srecko Bradic. Informations are pertinent, and the text (in French) is well written and the magazine is a real pleasure to read.

Air Combat 2 will contain articles about the Dassault Rafale fighter; the German F4 Phantoms, the Bourget, etc… I just can’t wait for its release! Issue no. 01 could find here!

Daniel Clamot