Well, since I have discovered that French-speaking magazine I must say I have never been disappointed : each new release is a great one ! TNT33 then remains in the serie of pleasant, exciting and instructive readings you can have.

TNT (Trucks & Tanks) Magazine no 33

TNT (Trucks & Tanks) Magazine no 33

The magazine begins with an erratum for the TNT hors-série n°11 for what concerns the ARL 1937 V tank.

A long and very complete article about the VAB (French “Véhicule d’Avant Blindé”) follows. The article depicts the genesis of the VAB but also all the versions that were used. More than 35 years after his release, the vehicle is still in full use in the French Army, with great success; but also in a total of 15 nations. More than 5000 exemplaries were produced.

The Italian tractor TL37 is depicted. It was, before the WWII, a very modern tractor.

The “dossier of the month” is consacred to the use of Tiger II tanks of Kampfgruppe Peiper in the Ardennes, during the Battle of the Bulge. It’s a very long article, well documented with lot of photos and informations. The article was made in collaboration with the museum of Stavelot. It proves that the formidable Tiger II was misused and not really adapted for street fighting and progression in the Ardennes… That article is a must for all the people who are interested by WWII, or the tactical use of heavy tanks.

TNT (Trucks & Tanks) Magazine no 33

TNT (Trucks & Tanks) Magazine no 33

I was also very interested by the Sturmhaubitze 42 article; that tank was really excellent and a good adversary for the T34 on the eastern Front.

Surprising was the following subject: helicopters! We’re speaking about a magazine of tanks… So, why helicopters? Just because there were become a kind of flying tanks… Lot of informations are available here; my congratulations to the TNT team to have spoken about helicos in their magazine!

Following is the VK.30.01(H), aka the Kleiner Tiger; then a comparison between the French Somua S35 and the Panzer III Ausf.E and, finally, a short presentation of Eurosatory 2012.

As I have said, TNT is a real must for AFV’s, tanks and military vehicules afficinados!

Daniel Clamot

Big thanks to the Editors of TNT for sample publication!