I’m glad to have the opportunity to present you the first book of the WARPLANE serie about the Martin Mariner.

The book is written by Nico Braas and drawings are made by Srecko Bradic, our two dynamic members of our forum.

Thanks to that book you will know all the essentials about the flying boat Martin Mariner, successor of the PBY Catalina: how and why she was designed in 1937; the different versions that have existed and their production numbers: Model 162A (flying 3/8 scale model), XPBM-1, PBM-1, XPBM-2, PBM-3, PBM-3C, PBM-3D, PBM-3E, PBM-3R, PBM-3’s, PBM-3S, PBM-4, PBM-5, XPBM-5A and PBM-5A.

Warplane 01 Martin Mariner

Warplane 01 Martin Mariner

You will know all the differences of the different versions; the units and countries that have used the Mariner; the battles where he fought (Mariners killed some U-Boats!); and some examples of accidents and crashes that survened during her career.

The book contains 48 pages and is richly illustrated with actual photos from which some are in color. Many of those photos were unknown to me before to read the book… Nice discovery!

There are also some actual drawings of plans and lots of drawings made by Srecko, depicting each version and some profiles of actual aircrafts.

The reading of the book is really pleasant; terms are common and understandable and the overall presentation is great!

Warplane 01 Martin Mariner

Warplane 01 Martin Mariner

That first book of the WARPLANE serie is a little jewel and introduces a serie that will be a must for everyone interested by aviation. I must say I’m impatient to discover the forthcoming books about the Hawker Hunter and next the Messerschmitt Bf 109 G/K…

My congratulations to the authors! Direct buy book here!

Daniel Clamot