Lately more and more 1/144 kits have become available and it is most interesting that they are of outstanding quality. One of the leading manufacturers is the Japanese company Foxone and their kits are of top quality. One of the latest releases is a kit of the US Navy jet trainer T-2C Buckeye.

Foxone T-2C

Foxone T-2C

The box contains resin parts of the kit (one of the sprues in transparent resin), an excellent decal sheet and a very good assembly instructions leaflet. On closer examination the parts reveal very good production quality and the kit is the result of advanced 3D design. Therefore the parts are precisely shaped, all panel lining is very well done and even the aircrew and their seats have been provided in that scale!

Assembling the kit is very easy; using acrylic paints makes it even a pretty quick job. The interior should be painted grey/black and decals are provided for the side consoles and instrument panels. This way the fuselage can be completed in few hours, but before you glue the parts, put a small lead ball in the nose to counter the tail heaviness to keep the nose down when completed; unless you wish it to stand on its tail…

The whole assembly can be completed in a day or two; a very small amount of liquid filler needs to be used on some joints of the parts, mostly the air intakes and the vertical tail. You can complete the kit with the landing gear retracted or lowered, parts for either option are provided so it is up to you.

Painting the kit is very simple with most surfaces painted in white while the nose, outer wing sections and a part of vertical tail are painted in red. The kit can be finished in two optional finishes. The decals are printed on a large decal film so you have to carefully trim down each decal after cutting them out and place them very carefully on the kit.

I have a very high impression of this kit and would like to recommend it to anybody interested in this scale and this particular type. You can your kit here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit is provided by Foxone