‘The appearance of the bombers in mass in 1943 was the turning point in the aerial warfare of World War 2. The era of sportsmanlike chivalrous hunting had ended. The air space over Europe had turned into a battleground with fortresses and trenches- and it was our duty to storm these fortifications and break throught.’

Viermot aces

Viermot aces

This words from 176-victory Luftwaffe ace Johannes Steinhoff is the best introduction to the new Osprey’s book ‘Luftwaffe Viermot Aces 1942-45’ greatly written by Robert Forsyth. Subject bring great info into massive air war held in the Europe sky in WW2 and bravely effort of both side to give their best. Term Viermot is the term for the four engined bomber. Book is focused on the war on West so inside is not included info about the claims over Soviet four engined bombers Pe-2. Short Stirling was the first West four engine bomber send into action against German Reich but the real war start after deployment of US strategic force in 1943 in UK.

Book is made in excellent style- it is composed from the many personal story’s of airman who was credited as Viermot aces, assembled with various unit organization data as well general situation. This very good approach to the subject provide maximum valuable info to the reader. Most of the book is dedicated to the German single engine units and aces but last third of the book give also twin engine fighters operations and there is included actions of Messerschmitt Bf110, Me210 and 410 and most dangerous at all- Me262.

With descriptions of the various tactics used in the fight against formations of bombers, there is also given valuable info about the development of the armament with intention to make attacks more effective. From all of this best proven was rockets R4M used by Me262 fighter.

From the lovely art on the cover, nice text, great images and color profiles up to the last pages with appendices, book is made as excellent source of info of one very harsh war and it is very recommended!!! Book is soft cover, 96 pages, ISBN 978-1-84908-438-3 and it is no. 101 title from the Aircraft of the Aces series. Direct by this book here!

Srecko Bradic

Thanks to Osprey for sample publication