In the moment when German launched attack against the Soviet Union in 1941, the best Soviet fighter was MiG-1 and MiG-3. With its sleek lines and speed it was top fighter of the time but it share sad destiny of many Soviet fighters in the first days of German invasion. It was most destroyed airplane in percentage but in other hand it also the top scorer of all Soviet fighters in the time. No matter that most of them was catch on ground, some units, like 129 IAP took interceptors missions (at 22. June 1941) and the very first ramm was done by Jr. Lt Kohorev at the same date (his victim was Bf110).

MiG-3 aces

MiG-3 aces

Excellent story about the MiG-3 aces was published in the Osprey Aircraft of the Aces nr.102, MiG-3 Aces of the World War 2. Authors are well known researchers Dmitriy Khazanov and Aleksander Medved, well known by many of their articles and book. Book is paperback with 96 pages, ISBN: 9781849084420. In excellent narrative style authors described type from the very start, its development and deployment until the last days of operations. Faced with problems like less experienced pilots, low performance at low level, problems with spare parts, the type did not last too long on service and new fighters like those designed by Yak, have replace it in service. Interesting that long service it have on Far East but in the moment of attack on Japan in August 1945, no MiG-3 fighter was in operational service. What is very interesting is that on last pages was provided full list of Soviet aces on MiG-3 and on mid pages was given several pages with excellent color profiles.

Packed with great info, archive images, charts and color art, this book is excellent source of info and great tribute to those who bravely fight for their motherland!!! You can buy book direct here!

Srecko Bradic

Thanks to Osprey for sample book