When I was working as a volunteer at the Aviodrome Theme Park Museum at Lelystad Airport I ran there two days a week the second-hand bookshop. Books coming in from gifts and heritages that we already had in our archive were offered for sale in the bookshop. Since we did not have to pay for these books, we also could keep the book prices at a very reasonable level!



When Aviodrome went bankrupt in December 2011 and finally had to close its gates it also meant the end of the second-hand bookshop. However, the Curator of the Aviodrome, mr. Bert van Apeldoorn, turned out to be a very reasonable person and he was so kind to allow us to take the books from the bookshop with us on the last day the museum was still open. It even was on the Dutch TV-news of that day! Agreed was that the profit of the book sales would go to the Aviodrome Benevolent Fund

In total we have selected some 300 interesting titles. Over 2012 we want to visit with our books a number of public aviation events in the Netherlands to sell out what we have. We have also reserved a place at the Dutch Wikipedia-based ‘catalogue’ Catawiki’ (www.catawiki.nl) under the name ‘Aviashop’. We are now in the process of placing all our second-hand books on this website. At the moment there still are only 27 books placed, but that number will rapidly increase over the next weeks. Our prices are still very reasonable and we not only have specific books on Dutch aviation history in stock, but also quite a number of books published in the English language. And for the real book collectors, we have some very rare books for sale!!

You can find our catalogue here!

The catalogue is in Dutch language, but at least you can see scanned front covers and in some cases front pages of the books we have for sale and you don’t have to master the Dutch language to see our prices in Euro.

We have no regular international shipping order service, but if you want to buy one of our books, we can always make arrangement to have the books shipped to you by post.

Please, contact us on:

w.bonkestooter@chello.nl  or n.braas@chello.nl

The Aviodrome Theme Park Museum is now in the final process of making a re-start and we sincerely hope that this spring the gates will be re-opened to the public. Of course also second-hand bookshop will be re-opened in this case.

More final news to follow !!!

See the images for some book examples and for an impression of our last book sale event of January 2012.

Nico Braas