To regret we all still miss any better kit of the MiG-29. In the moment of this review publishing, Academy MiG-29 in 1/48 scale is still the best kit available on market. Completed, it look like MiG-29 but any close analyses bring to light many of shape as well detail errors. Eduard continue to use some of Academy products for their own editions and as Limited Edition they have released last year sample kit with stock code 1157.

MiG-29A Eduard kit 1157

MiG-29A Eduard kit 1157

This kit coming in nice box and full power of Eduard products, this mean excellent decals, resin parts, many etched parts for interior and exterior and protective masks. Non of this additions does not improve much kit in shape but without doubt make it to look better and rich. Building is a bit complex as well Academy designed fuselage to be built from few sections and this for sure could make some problem to less experienced modelers. The same join lines need use of filler, this also require sanding and for sure make more work to manage any good surface shape. Sanding blocks, filler, fine sanding and engraving will be for sure main feature of the main body assembly. Be careful with air intake, you must make good position when you cement it on fuselage bottom and you will then need to use filler to cover and shape rear join line. It is very possible that you will need liquid filler to thin coat all airframe to check out for possible sanding scars.

Cockpit look marvelous with all of the Eduard additions of resin and etched parts and I am sure that most of you would like to left it with open canopy. To regret in basic kit Eduard forget to add one of important upgrade, new exhaust, as well original is out of mind to be used due to incorrect shape. So you will need to buy separate exhaust for MiG-29 released by Eduard in December 2011. Some parts I would recommend not to use and this is etched parts number 78. On the real airplane this present three small pipes mounted on vertical fin bottom and Eduard part is flat. So better use original kit parts or make new from small tubes. Also I will recommend to check out for the tail details as well there is variation in antennas used on fin’s.

Total of five samples are given for final machines and all schemes are attractive. On separate sheet is given stencils diagram as well diagram for pylons and armament. I did not use armament as well they are not good match. Finished kit look nice, even a bit incorrect. This one is better to be avoid by less experienced modelers but can be done with easy by medium experienced modeler. Buy kit direct here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample product is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard