Hikoki Publications has another book published by Tim Mason entitled ‘The Secret Years’ on flight testing at Boscombe Down over the WW-II years 1939-1945.

The Secret Years By Tim Mason

The Secret Years By Tim Mason

The book was published earlier under the same name in 1998. This second edition has many new photographs and information. Also the photographs already published in the first edition have been enhanced using the latest available computer techniques.

The books starts in Part I to give an historical overview of the Aeroplane Armament Experimental Establishment (A&AEE) and its organization. Also details of the premises and facilities are given in the introductive first chapter. The following chapters give detailed insight in the kind of flight experiments and performance testing of aircraft types that were operational during the war years. Also a detailed account of the various armaments and bombs is given.

Part II continues with detailed testing data of:
-Heavy bombers
-Light and medium bombers
-Single seat fighters
-Multi-seat fighters
-Maritime aircraft
-Transport planes
-Wings for the Navy on fighters and observers and carrier attack planes
Also flight testing of various types of German captured types is included.

The book contains an amazing lot of rare photographs, mostly from the archives of the A&AEE and ‘a lot’ means in this case many hundreds! If my counting is correct there are almost 600 (Yes! Six Hundred!!) photographs in this book of all types that were tested, including a number of foreign types. And. it is a thick book!! The quality of most photographs is excellent and besides the photographs there are also 91 colour profiles given in this exceptional book.


A book fully worth its money on an extremely interesting subject and an absolute must!! Highly recommended!! Direct buy book here!

Book details:
Title: The Secret Years
Author: Tim Mason
Book details: Hardcover A4 size on glossy paper with 368 pages.
ISBN: 9-781902-109145
Publisher: Hikoki Publications, 1a Ringway Trading Estate, Shadowmoss Rd., Manchester M22 5LH, Great Britain
Price: UK £34.95/USA $56.95
Website: www.crecy.co.uk

Nico Braas

With special thanks to Chris Tordoff Sales and Marketing Crecy Publishing Ltd., U.K. for providing a free review copy.