If you like to build 1/72 AFV kits, you cannot live without that book ; it’s as simple as that…

The author who is a well known modeler, takes the time to explain (in English) how to build, detail, transform, ameliorate, paint and present the little armored fighting vehicles of the 1/72 and 1/76 scales.

Small-Scale Armour Modelling

Small-Scale Armour Modelling

After a short presentation of the author and the history of the evolution of the quality of the small-scales AFV kits, you will be explained, step by step, how to make, with your little tanks, the 1/35 (and bigger) builders simply jealous of your work !
The book has a format superior to standard A5 but slightly inferior to A4. The cover is an hard cover and the 192 sheets are linked together with a spiral. It’s an excellent idea because the book can be open on any page, it remains flat and so you can use it during your modeling seances.

There is an introduction, eight chapters and an index.

Chapter I : Tools and materials. From the scalpel to the putty, from the glues to the paints, all the material needed is described here.
Chapter II : General construction techniques.
Chapter III : Advanced construction techniques. How to ameliorate your models, use photoetched parts, etc…
Chapter IV : Painting and general finishing techniques.
Chapter V : Painting – Advanced finishing effects
Chapter VI : Presentation (of your kits)
Chapter VII : Gallery (of some models build by the author)
Chapter VIII : Further reading and references

Richly illustrated with hundreds of photos of professional quality, the book is really well done and you will read it with interest as high as for a thriller! And believe me, you will always have it under the hand when modeling!
I can just congratulate the author for his incredible but very useful and helpful work; and of course I recommend warmly that book to anyone! Direct buy book here!

Daniel Clamot

Sample book is provided by Suzannah Brooksbank, Marketing Administrator, Osprey Group