One of tiny details which capture or eye when look at the plastic kits is the propeller and details on it. One of this details are manufacturer logo and one of the largest manufacturer of the propeller was Hamilton Standard Propeller Corporation, company founded in 1929. It have few type of marks used on their propellers and well known one is the elliptical logo with propeller inside.

Hamilton logo

Hamilton logo

APC Decals released small but valuable set with two sizes of the logo, 1/72 and 1/48. Set stock number is 90003, it coming in plastic bag, sheet of decals and simple instructions. Total content is eight logo and eight text label for each scale. Decals are ALPS printed so this mean need for precise trim from paper each decal you need and place it in position.

Maybe you ask why do you need this as well you get this kind of decals with kit? It is true but also it is true that for a few decades of plastic modeling you have many modelers with stock of kits in their collection and during the time was born second hand kits market and this market grown every day. So you will get into direct touch with many kits build by todays non mainsteram manufacturer and things you will ace with is the absence of the service labels, old cranky decals or even missing of the same. Other things is that during the work on kit or later storage, it can be damaged so you will for sure need to repair it and add again some details. Special story is how the Hamilton logo is correctly printed in other decal sheets. Many good reason to consider this product made by APC.

Very specific product which could be of great use! Direct buy this product here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample decals are provided by Lubos Vinar from HobbyShop