[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast couple of years we have pleasure to read many of very interesting titles released by Aero Journal from France. Their primary publication is the bi monthly magazine which is very informative and source of many great subjects and last released is the Aero Journal No. 24 which present special issue dedicated to the specific subject, in the similar manner as their great Horst Serie. What we have in the issue no. 24 of Aero Journal is the story of the United States famous WW2 naval fighter Corsair.

Vought Corsair by Aero Journal

Vought Corsair by Aero Journal

Publication title is Corsair Du Pacifique and as the name state it is in French language and it is focused on the Corsair in the Pacific. Lets give some of the basic info:

Title: Corsair Du Pacifique
Author: Christian-Jacques Ehrengardt
Publisher: Caraktere
Format: A4 softcover
Pages: 84
ISSN: 1962-2430

Content inside is divided into the five chapters as well Intro and Portfolio. After short introduction of the type, next chapter is focused on the Corsair development and variants. Starting from the first prototype there is given all details of the development as well some problem of the type and all of this is packed with images as well multi view technical drawings. Next to come is chapter with operational use of the Corsair from ground bases and there is provided map, a number of great images and color profiles. One of the subject inside this chapter was highlighted story of Gregory Pappy Boyington. As well it is well known as deck operated aircraft, next chapter is dedicated to the aircrafts and units operated from aircraft carriers and followed by next chapter focused on British use of the Corsair. Last section of the publication is dedicated to the various landing accident.

This look like small publication but it is full power with a lot of material, contain great number of images, color profiles and technical drawings. Welcome publication to anyone interest in the Corsair! Recommend!!

Srecko Bradic

Sample publication is provided by Christian-Jacques Ehrengardt, Editor of Aero Journal