[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ysander is one of several famous aircraft from WW2 which did not have enough attention from manufacturers.Its history is well known, it was a British army co-operation and liaison aircraft produced by Westland Aircraft. It was used during the Second World War. The aircraft’s exceptional short-field performance made possible clandestine missions using small, unprepared airstrips behind enemy lines that placed or recovered agents…

Westland Lysander from Eduard

Westland Lysander from Eduard


What we have here is Eduard new reissue of the well known Gavia kit in 1/48 scale. Two main features of the basic kit is absence of any numbering of the parts and excellent fit. So what you need to do from the very start is to monitor fret diagrams and follow parts number. And kit I talk about is the Eduard kit of Lysander Mk. III, product stock number 8290 and in 1/48 scale. Kit coming as Profi Pack and this mean that you have additional resin parts, photo etched parts and protective masks. Basic plastic parts are excellent cast and it have one separated transparent fret. As usual, instructional booklet is very useful and last pages are filled with nice options for final finish. Decals are top made!!

Building of this kit could be divided into two period- interior assembly and after interior assembly. Lysander is build from tubular structure and best part of our story is that all of this structure is visible through large transparent windows. In kit you get two side frames and you add all of the equipment on the frames and then assemble this two sections into one. During this assembly you add more internal structure frames need to hold whole structure in place. Maybe sound complicated but it is not, it could be done easy with a little patience.

Few points regarding to the info from instruction. There is state that fuselage interior have to be in the British color Interior Green. You have to know that large area of fuselage was fabric covered and color of fabric differ from the color of rest airframe. I have seen only one image of this interior and no matter of ruined look, it was clear that frame was green but fabric is in the fabric pale cream color. Other thing is the color of the additional fuel tank in fuselage (if you work one of the versions provided by kit). In the assembly was said that it is silver color (I guess this mean natural metal?) but one image I have seen show it in interior green color. Maybe some search should be done before painting of this areas. I have paint my sample kit fabric in cream color and left additional fuel tank as Eduard suggest but take attention please.

After the completing of the fuselage and interior the rest of work is more then fun. Excellent part fiting is one of greatest feature of this kit. Kit provide several paint scheme and I have decided to build sample from no. 161 Squadron. This unit were used for clandestine operations and feature camouflage where all of the bottom areas was in Night color while the topside was Medium Sea Grey and Dark Green. I have find only one image of the particular machine I have build and note that image was taken while it was still very clean. I have seen that machines from this unit was worn out and also in one period fuselage markings was painted over.

This kit definitely fill harts with its look as well easy way to be build. You would not regret if you get more samples of this kit, with Eduard power inside, this kit is outstanding!!! Full build of this kit you can see on our Forum and you can order this kit from Eduard site.

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard