[dropcap]F[/dropcap]w190 Defence of the Reich Aces is one of latest book from Osprey and it is focused on the effort of the German Fw190 units to save its homeland from the heavy Ally bombing. In the very early stages of WW2, French crew as well some later Soviet, managed to penetrate and bomb the German mainland. They are little sights that Germany cannot stay intact and Ally air offensives from the mid war proven that.

Author of the book is well known researcher John Weal and he give the best to fill the book with best accurate data and arranged and presented in very good way. Writing of such book is not easy as well author was faced with contradictory informations from both sides and book also shows claims stated by both sides as well author analyze with more credible info. What is very interesting to me is that in book is also mentioned two German aces that did not have one eye, which was Gunter Specht and Hans-Heinrich Koenig.

Fw190 Defence of the Reich Aces

Fw190 Defence of the Reich Aces


In the first period Ally bombers did not have much success in their missions as well they flew it mostly unprotected so therefore percentage of their combat loses was higher. July 28. 1943 was important date as well on that date German fighters start operational use of the rockets under the wings but also US fighters for the first time flew escort missions over German territory. In the same months was launched Blitz Week which ended at July 30 with losing of 87 bombers while another 500 was damaged.

Schweinfurt was black point in the US bomber history as well they lost 60 bombers during the bomb raid at August 17. 1943. Later that year, at September 6., 45 bomber was lost during the bomber mission due to the bad weather, just few fall as the result of the enemy fighter mission.

US fighter was adopted to carry fuel tanks from September 27. 1943 and at the December 11. For the first time was used P-51B Mustang, they escort bombers during the raid on Emden. The same month bring first massive bombing with 1000 of aircraft. At the January 11. 1944 bomber command lost 60 bombers from the 650 which was engaged in attack but for the first time was downed specially armor protected Fw190 from Sturmstaffel 1.

Title: Fw190 Defence of the Reich Aces
Author: John Weal
Publisher: Osprey
Format : A5 softcover
Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-1-84603-482-4

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