Last few years the name of Grumman Hellcat is mostly associated with the Eduard from the Czecs Republic, who bring the best products related to this famous US warplane. July 2010 release from Eduard’s F6F-5 interior S.A. 1/48 PE set in ZOOM edition for the Hobby Boss kit. This set is in the standard top quality and it have two fret of the photo etched parts as well small leaflet with instruction and it is packed in the standard transparent bag. As well it is from ZOOM series, this mean that it is focused on the particular area and that final result can me achieved in very short time.

Eduard F6F-5 interior for Hobby Boss

Parts which present framing and construction are in the natural color of the material but the parts which represent instruments and cockpit board are painted. You should note that for the F6F-5 Hellcat was used two method of finish inside cockpit and this colors have to be used in final painting. In general set present basic F6F-5 variant but many parts can be used on other versions of the Hellcat and on the images bellow you can see standard version as well E version of F6F-5.

Hobby Boss have very good kits and this is very important addition to their kit of Hellcat. You can purchase this product here!

Bradic Srecko

Sample product is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard