The Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd (MBA) Mk. H-7 seat is one of the most manufactured ejection seats in the world with some 11000 manufactured or modified to the Mk. H-7 standard from the earlier Mk. H-5 seat. The H-7 is one of the most interesting seats in the MBA family due not only to its large number, but also due to its length of service, and the evolution which it displays. One unique feature of the Mk. H-7 family (which includes four main variants; USAF Pilot, USAF WSO, USN Pilot, USN RIO) is that the seat buckets are designed to be removed in the aircraft for maintenance. Then, the main beam assembly is unlatched from the catapult and raised a short distance to a point where it can be tilted forward via slots in the catapult rails and removed without removing the canopy of the aircraft.

Eduard Brasssin 648019 F-4B/J/N/S seat 1/48

Eduard Brassin line comes packed in beautiful blister plastic package with clear assembly instructions; painting guide is not included so you should look for further references about that. Quality of these sets is absolutely amazing, resin parts are beautifully molded with highest level of details, and the photo etched parts are provided for the details not molded in resin like all sort of placards and things. Each of two F-4 seat set contains five resin part and more than 40 photo etched parts. Resin is outstanding quality and most of the photo etched parts are prepainted. Note that you will need to add some wire installations and that some parts are not for use if the seat is to be installed inside the cockpit. Since these seats are so detailed maybe it is good idea to make some maintenance diorama scene. Eduard Brassin seats are the best seats for model kits I have ever seen.

Eduard Brassin is a great new line from Eduard, details and combination of resin and photo etched parts are simply amazing. As Eduard announces Brassin line will grow and more sets will be available very soon for different subjects. Due to outstanding number of small photoetched parts sure some experience with photoetched parts is required, but with a little effort everyone can use this set. These sets really add realistic note to F-4 kit so I can highly recommend this set! You can purchase this product directly from Eduard

Darko Mladenovic

Sample provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard

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