Since entering service in 1992, the F110-GE-129 has proven to be the most successful fighter engine in U.S. Air Force history. Because of the F110 engine’s proven safety track record and heritage of high reliability, the F110-GE-129 has been chosen to power more than 75% of the USAF’s single engine F-16 Block 50/52 aircraft.The F110-GE-129 has established a track record of excellence that is unmatched by any engine in its class. Due to its inherent design and GE’s unyielding emphasis on Six Sigma quality, the engine has demonstrated unmatched levels of on-wing performance retention.No F110-GE-129 has ever been removed from service due to insufficient performance!The F110-GE-129 has also been the choice of the Turkish, Greek, and Japanese air forces to power their single engine F-16s. The -129 is also qualified on the F-15 Strike Eagle and was recently chosen by South Korea to power their new F-15K fighters.

Eduard Brassin 648020 F-16CJ Block 50 F110 GE-129 engine 1/48

Eduard Brassin 648020 F110 GE-129 engine comes packed in beautiful blister plastic package which helps protecting castings for possible damage. Assembly instructions are printed on A5 sheet of paper and are perfectly clear. No painting guide is supplied so you need to look for further references, but there is more than enough photos that could be found on internet. Set contains five parts molded in light gray resin and three photo etched parts. Engine is beautifully detailed, and assembly looks easy enough. Resin parts list is as follows:

R1 the re-heat chamber.
R2 the exhaust petals.
R3 low pressure turbine fan
R4 first fan.
R5 second fan.

Three photoetched parts are supplied on small fret and represent reheat fuel pipes. Eduard resin is exceptional quality and removing molding blocks is easy. Although this set is designed for Tamiya kit I believe it won’t be a problem with fitting it on any other kit supplied with this engine.

Eduard brassin offers a great improvement for scale models, and with just a little effort adds a true realistic look to a model. This product is highly recommended! You can purchase this set directly here!

Darko Mladenovic

Sample product is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard