This 36 page softcover monograph has everything the modeller would need to super detail their kit- factory drawings, scale planes, archive photos, colour plates and a walk around of a surviving PZL 24 in Turkey. Monograph is published on Polish language but summary on English is provided. Drawings are excellent quality and are present both in 1/72 and 1/48 scale. First part of monograph is dedicated to history and construction of this intriguing warbird and its use in different airforces, and it contains some valuable photos of this samples. Second part covers Painting and Marking guide and it also contains a nice set of profiles for planes used by Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. Third chapter is reserved for modellers, with a guide and reviews of available kits in all scales as well as bibliography of available books with this subject. Construction details of this airplane are also represented in this monograph with nice photos and detailed drawings of interesting parts.

PZL.24I can’t finish this review and not to mention excellent photos of details, a true modeller’s dream, precisely the things that each one of us would like to see in order to upgrade the kit.

As a conclusion I would say “way to go Ace Publication” , this is precisely the monograph I would like to have, so I can recommend this publication to all fellow modellers and all the people that have interest in this plane.

This publication is highly recommended!

Sample provided by Przemyslaw Skulski from Ace Publication

Darko Mladenovic