One little big thing released in the November from Eduard was small masks for the Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 fighter in 1/72 scale. This mask are intended to be used for the latest Airfix kit of this plane and they have stock number CX247. Masks are made from the well known yellow self adhesive material and precisely pre cut. As well the same Bf109G-6 have two types of cockpit, framed and later with less frames, this mask cover both types and you can make one cockpit protection of each type.

Bf109G-6 mask

This product coming in the plastic bag, inside is cardboard to hold package rigid, small and very detailed instruction for the mask applications and the same mask. Mask are placed on small square piece of the self adhesive and it have pre cut wheel covers as well cockpit protection. Selection is made for covers for two wheels and two cockpit, early type and later Erla type. For both cockpit windscreen elements for protection are the same but the canopy is different. This pack give to you option to cover not only Erla cockpit on the Bf109G-6 ASC subtypes but also all other types which used this type of canopy, like the Bf109G-10, Bf109G-14 and Bf109K-4. With some care this mask can be used also on the models of Bf109G of other manufacturers.

Images above show the cockpit of Bf109G-2 preserved in Museum in Belgrade and the various archive images where the cockpit is shown. Hope that this close up images could give you better impression of the subject and can be helpful in your work.

This set CX247 fro Airfix Bf 109G-6 in 1/72 scale you can order direct here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample mask is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard.

Images- archive images Nico Braas, museum images Darko Mladenovic