Eduard has released few updates kit in September 2009 and one of them is Messerschmitt Bf108 Taifun, famous German WW2 light plane.This one is one of the few releases of this type by Eduard and this kit are in 1/48 scale and item number is 8045. As well this pack belong to their ProfiPack line, it features excellent full color instructional brochure, pre painted etched set and very precisely quick mask sheet. Decal is extended for this series and feature decals for five airplanes. What I would like to note is that this time Eduard is very precisely printed correct colors for the Yugoslav national insignia.

The same kit have some minor problems and one is the fact that Bf108 used few types of propeller and in Eduard parts are only one sample and if you wish to make Yugoslav sample this mean that you need to make conversion of the propeller from box. This is previously done in article of this model. Other missing thing is the Venturi tube which is important for the models I build and show here on image. This small device is positioned under the central fuselage. As well this is very small parts I hope that in the future Eduard will make some update on the same molds.

Messerschmitt Bf108 Taifun scale model

Building of kit is very smooth and easy and it is sample kit which even loaded with a lot of etched parts and can be build without any problem. Making of this kit could be done parallel on three stage, in same time you could assembly cockpit interior, engine as well wings and fuselage. This give benefit that you can have built main components in one day and next day you will join this assembly sections and whole build can be made in just three or four days, no need to use any accelerating methods of model makings.

One trouble which appeared on many build and I have informed in my private conversations with modelers, is the tendencies of the fuselage lower shape to raise over the rear line of the wings. Problem also appeared on both of my build and all you can do is to use small clamp and make pressure on fuselage area just behind wings. This small pressure will push shape in line to wings and you will need no filler to correct this area. Other also small building problem is the fact that canopy is a little longer then the canopy opening on fuselage. Solution is simple, just trim the rear edge of the fuselage, in front of part A4 cemented inside and this will solve this little problem.

My choice fall on the sample machine from Sondercommando Blaich, used in Libya in 1942. This machine have very attractive desert camouflage. I will note on few building tips regard to this machine. First at all it have small Venture tube beneath the fuselage as noted in text above. So you should find it in your spare parts box or make it by your self. From the images I have seen it look like that it did not have manufacturer logo on propeller (strange ??? ) and that white Africa emblem behind cockpit on port side have white upper left corner. Most interesting is that there is an image which show this machine with different rudder and it is in different color and on vertical stabilizer are some very dark spot of paints, probably after damage repair and painting over. Eduard scheme is very correct and I just note about this build option.

This is very lovely kit to build and finish. Manufacturer very precisely and with good painting schemes this kit is recommended!! You can direct buy this kit here on Eduard site. I would also recommend you to see excellent on line build by Darko Mladenovic on the LetLetLet Forum!

Bradic Srecko

Sample kit is Provided by Jan Zdiarsky, from Eduard.