The Belgrade air show took place above Kalemegdan fortress on October 19th 2008. Organizers dedicated this show to Istvan Kanas, a pilot who crashed recently on Batajnica Airfield during practice for Belgrade air show. Curiosity of this air show is that aircraft were taking off and landing from 5 different airports:

Serbia Air Show 2008

Batajnica air base
Nikola Tesla international airport
Cenej Sport’s Airfield near Novi Sad
Lisiciji Jarak Sport’s Airfield near Belgrade
Vrsac flight academy airport

The airplanes were so close to spectators and some planes were flying below the level of Kalemegdan fortress. An outstanding event not to be missed…

Sky divers, Ultra-light airplane, Gyro-copter, Boeing 737-200,Cessna 150 Aerobat, Cessna 172,Cessna Citation XLS, Cirrus, Cessna 310, Piper Cheyenne, Grumman agricultural,Dromader,An-2,G-2 Sea gull,Kraguj,MiG-29,Gazelle,Bell Jet-ranger, Bell 206, Stars Aerobatic team and a special Aerobatic airplane from Slovenia

Darko Mladenovic

Photos and Videos
Nenad Blagojevic and Darko Mladenovic