Duxford is an excellent museum and must rate as one of the best aircraft museums in the world, it is located in Cambridgeshire and was an active airfield during the Second World War. The famous pilot Douglas Bader was based at Duxford also the film Battle of Britain was filmed here.

Followingg airplanes are present on this images:

OV-10 Bronco

DHC-1 Chipmunk T10 s/n WP800, DHC-1 Chipmunk T10 s/n WZ879, Handley Page Victor K1A s/n XH648, McDonnell-Douglas F-15A Eagle s/n 76-0020, De Havilland DH-89A Dragon Rapide s/n HG691, Vickers Varsity T1 s/n WJ945, North American OV-10A Bronco s/n 99+32, Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1 s/n XX612, Avro Shackleton MR3 s/n XF708, Hawker Nimrod II s/n K3661, Avro Shackleton MR3 s/n XF708, Fairey Gannet ECM6 s/n XG797, Gloster Javelin FAW9 s/n XH897, De Havilland Sea Vixen FAW2 s/n XS576, McDonnell-Douglas F-4M Phantom s/n XV474, Focke-Achgelis Fa330A-1 s/n 100143, Schweizer T-3A s/n 252983, Morane-Saulnier MS.502 s/n CF-HF, Percival Proctor III s/n LZ766, Gloster Meteor F8 s/n WK991, Hawker Hunter F6A s/n XE627, Goodyear FG-1D Corsair s/n KD345, Messerschmitt Bf-109E-3 s/n 1190, Hawker Hurricane IIA s/n Z2315, Bristol F2b Fighter s/n E2581, Polikarpov I-15bis s/n 19, Focke-Wulf Fw-190A s/n 980554, Supermarine Spitfire LFIX s/n MH434, Bristol Bolingbroke IVT s/n R3821, Hispano Ha-1112 Buchon s/n 1, North American T-28 Fenec s/n 517692, Supermarine Spitfire LFIXc s/n MH424, De Havilland Sea Venom FAW21 s/n XG613, Westland Wasp HAS1 s/n XS567, Mil Mi-24D Hind s/n 9621, DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10 s/n WP859, Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard IIB s/n FE695, Curtiss H-75A-1 Hawk s/n 82, BAC Strikemaster 80A s/n 1133, Supermarine Spitfite T9 s/n H-98, Westland Whirlwind HAS7 s/n XK936, English Electric Lightning F1 s/n XM135, SEPECAT Jaguar s/n XX108, Harrier GR3 s/n XZ133, Avro Anson I s/n N4877, De Havilland Mosquito TT35 s/n TA719, Avro Canada Canuck s/n 18393, North American Yale s/n 3349, Goodyear Corsair s/n KD345, Westland Lysander IIIA s/n V9673, Supermarine Spitfire F24 s/n VN485, English Electric Canbera B2 s/n WH725, BAC TSR-2 s/n XR222, Westland Wessex HAS1 s/n XS863.

Robert Hodgson