One of the most famous collection of preserved aircraft in the world- museum in Hendon. Author Robert Hodgson visited RAF museum at Hendon in March 2007 and here are some photos of aircraft not photographed on previous visits.

Helicopter in rescue yellow color

Images present following airplanes: Sikorsky Hoverfly I s/n KK995, Westland Whirlwind HAR10 s/n XP299, BAC Lightning F6 s/n XS925, McD Phantom FGR2 s/n VC424, BAC Jet Provost T5A s/n XW323, Westland Whirlwind HAR10 s/n XP299, Bristol Belvedere HC1 s/n XG474, Bristol Sycamore HR12 s/n V783, Hawker Hunter FR10 s/n 853, Hawker Hunter FGA9 s/n XG154, Supermarine Seagull V s/n A2-4, Westland Lysander III s/n R9125, Short Sunderland V s/n ML824.

Robert Hodgson