Eduard is well known known by the great line of its plastic kit but they also manufacture more then excellent photo etched detail sets. This detail set are included in some series of their kits but also is released as stand alone products.

In the July 2008 one very important detail set is released- Seatbelts German WW I. This is very important set which included very precise photo etched metal parts and almost all of them are pre painted. This mean that except of high accuracy you need no to worry about the painting of this very small details. Set is in the 1/72 scale and have item number 73017.

Very detailed seat belts for German model airplane kits in 1/72 scale

There is few types of the belts included and they are cover Fokker and Aviatik airplanes in the period 1914-1916, fighter types Albatros D.I, D.III, D.V, Fokker Dr.I, D.V, D.VII, Pfalz D.III and reconnaissance types Albatros C.III and Hannover CL.III. But this is not limited to those types only and this set could be also used on many others German types in the WW1.

This set simply could not be miss.

Sample detail set is provided by Jana Sulcova from Eduard.

Srecko Bradic