Paasche provides the largest selection of airbrush models, industrial sprayers and support equipment since the beginning of the twentieth century. Their airbrushes are vastly used for various tasks by the modelers among others all over the globe.

One of the best Paasche airbrushes for plastic modelers is gravity feed VSR90#1. This unique 2 in 1 design allows for quick color change by including 2 different size color cups. Cups attach to top of airbrush assembly and swivel left or right for an unobstructed view. Suited for both left or right hand airbrushers The VSR90 will deliver the highest level of detail and control. It comes packed in a black case with foam insert. The example I’ve got for testing VSR90#1 SET includes VSR90 Airbrush, hanger, hose, wrench, 3.5cc and 5.25 cc cups and two head assemblies. Fine head assembly contains 0.25mm tip and needle used for spraying fine details. Second head assembly contains 0.66 mm tip and needle for spraying less detail than fine tip.

Paasche VSR90The main body of the airbrush is made of chrome plated parts as well as the aft handle. The trigger and air valve are a bit complicated and the lack of high pitch adjusting screw for fine tuning is rather noticeable. It took some time to get used to it but when I did I can only praise this product. Using the fine tip enables painting some rather difficult and interesting camouflages no matter are you making airplane, ships or vehicle models and in which scale. I use airbrush for painting mostly airplane models in 1/48 scale, but sometimes and some vehicle in 1/72 scale. Using the 0.66 mm tip will allow spraying your model with some primer or finishing coats without problems as well as some easier and less detailed camouflage so this Paasche airbrush is all you need.

The gravity feed cups have an 3.5cc and 5.25 cc fluid capacity, and switching between cups is very easy, so you don’t have to waste time on cleaning the cup completely if you need to switch paint. Very important feature for all the Airbrushes is that they must be easy to disassemble, primarily because all the Airbrushes need a proper cleaning in order to function properly. I cleaned my VSR90 in five minutes the first time I used it. It is very easy, for the start I removed the cup and wiped it with a paper tissue, and then I mounted the cup back and filled it with cleaner and sprayed it through the airbrush. When this is done I just unscrewed air cup body and the tip is already off. Tip is easily cleaned and it contains no seals, so you can use solvent you like. This is a great feature and I really like it. Needle can be easily removed from the front or the back of the airbrush. Personally I like removing needle from the front and after cleaning I usually don’t put it in the airbrush until next usage. Main body of the airbrush is easily cleaned with ordinary cotton swabs but perhaps Paasche Model: AC-7 airbrush cleaning set could do even better job.

Working with Passche VSR90 made me realize that simple solutions like easy switch between cups, no seals present and easy tip removing really saves time. This is excellent airbrush for its price of $115.00 and it is a great for all modelers no meter how experienced they are.

This product is highly recommended!

Darko Mladenovic

Sample product provided by Steven Pettersen from Paasche Airbrush Company