One of my greatest pleasures was personal conversation and interview with the former Yugoslav Kingdom fighter pilot, Sergeant Djordje Stojanovic. This old man, who have came in Serbia from Canada, where he lived after the WW2, have brief memories about the events and operations in which he was engaged and what he was seen in the very short was against Yugoslavia. Djordje has claimed few aerial victories but he also blames his self for the lost of his pair leader.

Dan prvi

This digital art is inspired with his story and show him in Messwerschmitt Bf109E fighter turn and heading toward the capitol Belgrade into the fierce combat against German invading warplanes who has bombing civilians. During one of the combat Djordje was downed and suffer from burns injuries. He said that in hospital was visited by German officials and he was good treated when they hear that he was a good pilot and fight as a hero.

Art is made in Photoshop and was one of my early attempts to paint in this great software. The name “Dan prvi” means “Day first” or “First day”.

Srecko Bradic