Images of the various combat planes, starting with Albatros WW1 combat plane up to the modern jet age. Most of the images show German airplanes and prototypes. Images bellow present following types:

SeahawkAlbatros D.12, Avro Arrow, B-25 Michell MLD, BAC Lightning and Soviet Tupolev Bear, Fairey Firefly Turget Tug MLD, Fokker C.Vd, Hawker Hunter T.7 KLU, Martin P4M Mercator, two shots of the BF-109’s at Dübendorf Airshow 1937 (included an Airrace and was held 23rd to 27th July 1937), Bf 109 V-7 D-IJHA Jumo 210 G 730 HP, Bf 109 V-9 D-IPLU Jumo 210G 730 HP, Bf 109 V-13 D-IPKY DB 601 Rennmotor III (racing engine) 1658 HP, Me209V21, Bf 109 V-14 D-ISLU DB 601 Rennmotor II (racing engine) 1565 HP, Bf 109 B-1 (no civil reg.) (W.Nr.1062) Jumo 210 G 730 HP, Me262V2, Northrop YB-49, Republic XP-84, Seahawk MLD, Seahawk FAA.

Nico Braas