Under the number 73 014 is placed “Eduard” photo etched set for the USN early aircraft. There are a number of kits on the market which cover this period of aviation and this set is great addition to this. Well inside of the clear plastic bag is small detail set which include total of 30 high quality photo etched parts and all parts are painted by manufacturer. If you are not much skilled in painting of very small part this is big plus for you. There are parts for two types of seat belts- pilots’ seat and the gunner seat. No matter that two type of set is covered the same parts are the same just have to be take attention of the anchor point for the belts. Also it is very interesting to note that they are coming in basic two colors- green or tan.

USN early seatbelts

Srecko Bradic

Sample etched parts provided by Jana Sulcova from “Eduard”