The PZL P.11 well known as “Jedenestka” [Eleventh] was one of the most popular Polish aircraft in the 30’s. From all Pulawski’s fighters P.11 was produced in the biggest quantities. But first of all these machines were the symbol of defending Polish sky in September of 1939. Today the only one P.11 remain. This is machine with military number 8.63, which during the war served with the 121 Eskadra and was flown by Polish ace Waclaw Krol. After the capitulation aircraft was captured by Wermacht and taken to Germany. It was displayed in the War Museum in Berlin from where was evacuated as a result of Allied bombing. In the 1945 was recovered by the Polish authorities. In 1957 becoming an exhibit in the Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego [Museum of Polish Aviation] in Cracow. After restoration in late 80’s “Jedenastka” is in excellent condition and it’s one of the most interesting exhibit in that aviation collection.

Przemyslaw Skulski

Text and photos- Przemyslaw Skulski