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Combat Warplanes / Yugoslavian Il-2, 1949
« on: May 17, 2012, 03:04:24 PM »
Hey, guys...

Does anybody here has any pics or more info about this Il-2? :-help

I'm thinking about doing my AM kit with this finish and markings, but I'd like to know if it is correct... It's an Errormaster Decals sheet, after all... :-cool

Thanks in advance, cheers from Brazil...

Sergio :)

Hey guys...

I have the nice Revell AG F-86D Dog Sabre kit in 1/48. I like Natural Metal finishes, but I use acrylics and I still haven't found an acrylic paint that gives a realistic look. Some friends told me that the Silvers in the Vallejo line are very good, but they're kinda hard to find in Brazil.

So, I always try to find attractive paint schemes for the planes I won't risk doing in NMF... In the case of the Sabre Dog, my first option was an interesting Danish plane in overall green... But a guy from Denmark told me they were painted in green only when used as decoys... When in operation, they were left unpainted... :-wall

So my other options of camouflaged F-86Ds were Yugoslavia and Greece. Of these two, my preference is for the first and I think I'm in the right place to ask the questions below: :-obey

- As I mentioned before, my kit is the German boxing, it comes with the brake-chute housing. One of the few pictures I found show the Yugoslavian birds had it. Is there any other modification necessary to build my kit as an Yugoslavian Dog Sabre?
- The gray/green cammo scheme: was it wrap-around style or a third color/shade was used on the undersurfaces?
- Can someone help me with accurate cammo schemes and color references?
- The stencils: were they in English?
- Which decal sets do you recommend me?

I think that's it for now... :-red

Here's the latest pic I found, on Wikipedia:

Cheers and thanks in advance!!

Sergio :)

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