The Fokker S.14 is on display at the Aviodrome museum for many years.It is now temporary exposed outside and as such accessible from all sides for a walk around under good light conditions. This photo selection gives this walk around with many details including a number of cockpit interior sights. The S.14 made its first flight in May 1951 with military markings and the registration K-1, fitted with a Rolls Royce Derwent jet engine. This was at a latter stage of the test flying replaced by a more powerful R.R. Nene engine. However, the 20 production models built for the Dutch Air Force (KLu) were all fitted with the lower rated Derwent since the KLu had much more experience with the Derwent (that was also fitted on the operational Gloster Meteors of the KLu).

The S.14 at Aviodrome is displayed in its original paint scheme as used in the early-mid sixties when it was used by the Dutch National Laboratory for Aviation and Space technology (N.L.R.) as a high-speed test plane.

Nico Braas