Martin B-57B

The Martin B-57 Canberra is an American-built, twinjet tactical bomber and reconnaissance aircraft that entered service with the United States Air Force (USAF) in 1953. The B-57 is a license-built version of the British English Electric Canberra, manufactured by the Glenn L. Martin Company. Initial Martin-build models were virtually identical to their British-built counterparts; Martin later modified the design to incorporate larger quantities of US-sourced components and produced the aircraft in several different variants.

Martin B-57 color profiles caption

01- Martin B-57B 52- 1567 from 13th TBS, 35th TFW. Airplane feature standard camouflage pattern used first time in Vietnam. For the B-57 is specific great variation in applications of stencils and service markings and this one is lack of many of them. Tail letters are in standard white color and rudder is red.

02- Martin B-57B 53-3955 used by Pakistan air force. This one is designed for operating in all weather conditions. Camouflage is very simple with light grey on the topside and black at the bottom.

03- Martin B-57B operated by Pakistan but in the specific overall green camouflage pattern.

04. South Vietnam is one of the operator of the B-57 and they have used variation of original USAF insignia as it own markings. This plane does not use any camouflage paint and flew in the natural metal. Note dirt over the airframe caused by smoke during the engine start up.

05. Vermont National Guard flew a B-57 in a number of different camouflage pattern. This is standard all black color with exception that main code letters are in white and the common practice was for this type of camouflage is the use of letter in red color.

06-B-57G 53-3865 featured standard camouflage pattern introduced in Vietnam. The plane is from the 13th TBS, 8th TFW, Anne Domini 1970. The G model is special combat adaptation of the basic B-57.

07-EB-57B 117 DSES- Martin EB-57B of the 117th DSES, Forbes AFB, Kansas Air National Guard [originally B-57B SN 52-1500]. It has on most areas ADC Grey or Coin Grey light color and the high visibility orange sections.

08-RB-57D Nationalist China, US have trained Chinese Nationalist crew to operate this special version of the B-57. Plane is very simple finished in matt white and matt black colors.

09-RB-57E 55-4245A, this airplane served in Vietnam and was operated by 460th Reconnaissance Wing. Plane is in the standard overall black color and use small national insignia. Note interesting badge design of black bat holding camera.

10-B-57B NASA is very interesting as well this is early B-57 used and deployed by NASA. This plane, regarding to the number of images, have real evolution in the painting and markings as well duty done in NASA service. N809NA (cn 166) Ex USAF 52-1576, this Martin B-57B spent most of her career with NASA, attached to the Lewis, Langley, then Dryden Research Facilities. The plane is in the white color with some areas in natural metal. Note small logo under the windscreen which denotes that plane is used during the Viking Mars test program.

Bradic Srecko