Hindustan HF-24 Marut no. BD-830

Hindustan HF-24 Marut no. BD-830

The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 was a military confrontation between India and Pakistan that occurred during the liberation war in East Pakistan from 3 December 1971 to the fall of Dacca (Dhaka) on 16 December 1971. The war began with preemptive aerial strikes on 11 Indian air stations, that led to the commencement of hostilities with Pakistan and Indian entry into the war of independence in East Pakistan on the side of Bengali nationalist forces. Lasting just 13 days, it is one of the shortest wars in history.

01- Pakistan has operated 18 Martin B-57B/RB-57Bs in the early ’70. These machines were meanwhile assigned to the No.7 Squadron: ten were deployed at Masroor and eight at Mianwali AB. Sample here is serial 53-3846 and it features all dark green camouflage color. Inscription on nose is in white.

02- Starfighter from Pakistan No.9 Squadron’s was reinforced by addition of at least eight Starfighters from the Royal Jordanian Air Force’s No.9 Squadron. At the 10. December 1971 one Starfighter with Jordanian pilot downed India’s Alize plane. They claimed five victories while one is downed by India Mystere.

03- This is former Luftwaffe Sabre and it wear standard NATO camouflage pattern. Small numbers are on nose in white while full serial in black is in the rear fuselage.

04- Pakistan F-86E 54026 was the plane flown by Sqn.Ldr. M.M. Alam in 7 September 1965. He has claimed several victories at that day but investigation did not confirm this. Later this plane was show with victory marks for the propaganda purpose.

05- Toofani or Ouragon, from the No.29 Squadron, with unit scorpion markings on the nose. This type have seen operational service in war in 1965 but with no prominent success.

06. this Ouragan probably flew by Flt Lt Rana Lalchand Sikka and it force landed at 25th June 1965 in Pakistan and pilot become prisoner of war. Plane is downed by Pakistan fighters.

07- Shenyang F-6 serial 47-1823 from No. 25 Squadron have standard Chinese camouflage pattern. Colors are possible of Soviet origin but manufactured in China. Wing Commander Saad Hatmi (OC No. 25 Squadron) and Flight Lieutenant Shahid Raza – intercepted and shot down two IAF Hunters in the Soan valley near Sakesar hills, possibly on this plane.

08- Shenyang F-6 from 15 Sqn, Pakistan serial 1817 were flown by Fl.Lt.Javed Latif and at 4th December 1971 he shot Indian Su-7.

09-Hunter India BA341 of No.5 Squadron India, the same plane is delivered in the standard RAF camouflage and it is possible that in the 1965 it does not use squadron badge with bull on it but it was used later. Hunters proved very successfully in air to air as well ground attack missions.

10- Hunter FGA.9 flown by Harish Masand. In air combat over Dacca at 4. December 1971, he has claimed air kill and Masand was awarded a Vir Chakra decoration. His unit was Black Panthers. His victim was Pakistan fighter Sabre and Pakistan pilot- Flt Lt Saeed Afzal Khan of 14 sqn PAF is said to have ejected safely but was lynched by Mukti Bahini guerilla troops.

11-Canberra India 976, IF976 from Tuskers squadron. This unit is served in mission in Congo and Canberra’s seen there was all in natural metal colors. Unit logo is small red elephant and plane has no other marks. Camouflage is standard and maybe later introduced. Note small radar warning antenna beneath the rear fuselage.

12-Canberra India IF928, from the same unit as previous sample but this one in the natural metal. This sample have gun pack under the fuselage and plane was used in various ground attack role.

13-Gnat India IE1083, from No. 23 squadron India. The plane was flown by squadron leader S/LB. Sikand and it is force landed and captured by Pakistanis. Plane is preserved and displayed in museum.

14-Gnat India E 257 flown by Fg Off N S Sekhon E 257. His plane is downed by Pakistani Sabre, F-86(F/O SB Mirza) at 0750 Hr, and Sekhon lost his life.

15- Dassault Mirage III EP from Pakistan No.5 squadron. This type seen action in the 1971 war and have several air claims. Camouflage is standard NATO type.

16- Dassault Mirage III EP from the early days of war is still preserved in Pakistan. This one is interesting to have light buff radom under the nose and no tactical number on the nose. Rest of the camouflage and marking are standard. No specific info about the war time service of this particular airplane.

17-Shenyang F-6 Pakistan, serial number 47-1825 from the No. 11 ‘Arrows’ Squadron, piloted by Flight Lieutenant Aamer Ali Sharieff in 1971 War to fire a Sidewinder on an IAF MiG-21 during a search and destroy mission over the Shakargarh salient. The same plane is in natural metal and Sidewinder is mounted on the external wing pylons.

18- MiG-21PF, India register C750, flown by Flt.Lt. Bharat B. Soni on 12 December 1971, when he has shot down the F-104A flown by Sqn. Ldr. M. E. Middlecoat, of the No. 9 Sqn PAF. Airplane is additionally mounted with belly gun pack [removable unit] and it is possible that during the war it get camouflage patches.

19- MiG-21PFs from the No. 29 Sqn, India register C731. This plane wear standard aluminium top coat with additional brown patches in irregular position. Plane was one of several MiG-21 PF of late manufacture delivered to India and this version feature forward opening canopy and large vertical fin chord.

20- MiG-21 PF C992, operationally used in the war in 1971. It camouflage pattern is war time modification and it appeared in the same time as the Su-7 ground attack planes enter in the India service. This give option that the same colors were used. As well the brown look red brown it look on black and white images almost like black.

21- Hindustan Marut was India project of the fighter. No.220 Squadron used that machine with great success in ground as well air combat against Pakistan. In whole war time carrier this plane featured natural metal pattern with small national insignia.

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