Last year, Eduard introduced a painting mask for the Spitfire in 1/48 scale and it is a welcome addition to their range of Spitfire kits in the same scale. Express mask comes in a small plastic bag, stock code EX469 and inside are two masking paper sheets with pre cut patterns and instructions to use. These masks are made for camouflage type A.

Spitfire type A pattern

Spitfire type A pattern

A small intro about the camouflage system A. British camouflage has a unified pattern system where templates were used during the camouflage colors application. From the 12th October 1937 aircraft of the Fighter Command were painted with a camo scheme consisted of Dark Green and Dark Earth-Brown colours at top and sides. Two patterns were used, type A and type B and they were a mirror version of each other. The same fighters were painted according to Air Ministry order No.154/39 with a supplement no.A.298/39 issued on 27th April 1939. At first fighter monoplanes had Dark Earth and Dark Green topside and later at 15th August 1941, Dark Earth was replaced by Ocean Grey. Just some time before, type B camouflage was discarded and only A was to be used.

Use of the mask is more then easy- first paint kit in first top color, then remove pattern patch, place it on correct position, press edge of the mask (to avoid leaks under) and spray it. Since I have painted many British kits and know how much time is needed to make your own mask and place it on a kit, I find this a very fast and relaxing way to get professional results. Release of the masks are easy.

I am very pleased with this product and I grant thanks to Eduard for the sample product.

Srecko Bradic