Surprisingly there is few articles this time in TnT but there are long and very interresting ones !

TNT 54

TNT 54

Let see what we have to read :

  • Des tankettes et des hommes : Roman Orlik (tankettes and men : Roman Orlik)

The article is consacred to the polish tanker Roman Orlik that obtained with its tankette TKS some kills against the German Panzers.

Very interresting and I must say I had no knowledge about the scores of the Polish tanks…

(2 pages, 1 photos, 2 color drawings of the TKS tankette)

  • 1946 : Panzer vs Tanks alliés (Panzers vs Allied tanks)

The « paper panzer » are initiating a big interrest amongst the people that like tanks.

What is really interresting here is that we have not only a description of the German « paper » panzers of 1946 but also of the tanks that the Allied forces would have opposed to those Panzers ! More than that, article focuses on medium tanks but also on heavy tanks and even super heavy tanks.

Medium tanks : for the Germans, Panther Ausf. F would have faced the US T26E3 ; the Soviet T34/100 and T-44A, and the British Centurion Mark I.

The arrival of the E-50 could have been countered by the Soviet T-54 mod. 1946 ; the uS T26E4 and the Centurion MK II.

Heavy tanks : German side : E-75, facing the British Black Prince ; the US T29 and the Soviet IS-3 & IS-4.

Super heavy tanks : the German E-100 and Maus are relatively well known today. Potential adversaries would have been the British A39 Tortoise ; the US T30, t34 & T28 and the Soviet ISU-152, Objekt 704 & IS-7.

(16 pages, lots of details and color drawings)

  • Le canon de 75mm modèle 1897 (the 75mm gun mod.1897)

The article speak about the French 75mm gun modèle 1897 that was very efficient during WWI. Interresting to note that he served also during WWII ; was used by the Germans after the capitulation and was even in use during the Indochina war !

(4 pages, 8 photos, 1 page of b/w drawings)

  • Dossier : les 10 meilleurs Main Battle Tanks du monde (the best 10 MBT in the world)

The special article this time compares the 10 best MBT of the world. Each MBT is described  with a short history, its protection, armament, mobility and other various characteristics. The future of the MBT is also evoked.

The MBT are : German Leopard 2A7+, Chinese type 99 (ZTZ-99), US M1A2 SEP, British FV4034 Challenger 2, Korean K2 Black Panther, French Leclerc, Japanese Type 10, Israeli Merkava IVm Trophy, Russian T-90A, Russian T-14 Armata.

Finally conclusion of « who’s the best » is given to conclude that long article.

(34 pages and lots of color photos)

  • PAK 97/98(f) Auf Beute Panzer T-26(r)

Trying to use « Beute » material, the Germans realised that tank hunter with a Soviet T-26 chassis armed with a 75mm French gun…

(4 pages, colors and b/w drawings)

  • Les motorisations du M4 Sherman (the engines of the M4 Sherman)

The different engines that were used for the M4 Sherman. Technical but good to know…

(4 pages, 8 photos)

  • Les chars de dépannage allemands (The german rescue tanks)

Presentation of those WWII tanks : VKZ 35.01, Bergepanzer VI, Bergepanthers, Bergepanther Ausf .A, Bergepanther Ausf.G, Bergepanzer III, Bergepanzer IV, Bergepanzer 38, Bergepanzer Tiger I

(14 pages, lots of photos and drawings)

Excellent magazine as always that I recommend warmly !

Daniel Clamot