To receive TnT in my mailbox is always a great moment. The articles included in TnT 53 are, once again, of big interest. As for TnT52, the number of articles is a little bit less important than usual but articles are longer and, give lots of important informations.

TNT 53

TNT 53

  • Les chenillés de la famille Kurganets-25 (the tracked vehicles of the Kurganets-25 family): the Kurganets-25 family is a new family of AIFV for the army forces of the Federation of Russia. The article depicts the different models with all their characteristics.

(6 pages, 12 photos)

  • Wermacht 1946: E-25. The E-25 was conceived to replace the Jagdpanzer IV with a better standardization of material of excellent quality, that was for the Wehrmacht the best solution to counterbalance the number of enemy tanks. But the E-25, if better than the jagdpanzer IV, was not a big amelioration…

(8 pages, 5 photos – 4 for the Jagdpanzer IV and 1 of Dr Hermann Klaue – 8 color profiles, 2 pages of b/w drawings)

  • Armoured cars AEC: the light reconnaissance vehicles of the British army were poorly armed in 1940. The AEC family was conceived to resolve that problem, being more heavily armed and armored. A variant was also etudied with a flamethrower.

(10 pages, 9 photos, 3 page of b/w drawings, 1 profile)

  • Analyse opérationnelle du Panzer VI Tiger (Operational analysis of the Panzer VI Tiger): this is a very long but also very interesting article depicting the advantages but also the weaknesses of the Tiger. The goal of the article is to answer to the following question: was the Tiger a real need for the Wehrmacht, or is it a project that was too costly and asked for supply and logistic that could have be used on a better way with Panzer IV?

It’s really the type of article I love to read about armament…

(18 pages, 33 photos, 4 color profiles)

  • 40M Nimrod: le tueur de Chtourmovik (40M Nimrod: the Sturmovik killer) : the Hungarian 40M Nimrod proved to be a good weapon against the ground attack aircrafts like the Sturmovik.

(8 pages, 11 photos, 1 page of color drawings, 1 page of b/w drawings, 1 technical datafile)

  • Les véhicules lance-roquettes de la Wehrmacht (the rocket launcher vehicles of the Wehrmacht): the Nebelwerfer is one of the most redoubted weapon for trhe allies. Their efficacity asked for a good deployment so for a better mobility there are placed on the Sd.Kfz.251. But the Germans used also “beute” vehicles (captured vehicle or vehicles from occupied countries like France) that were modified to embark rockets.

(20 pages, 9 photos, lots of color profiles and drawings)

  • T-34/76 mod 1940 versus Panzer III: the traditional article that compares two opponents. Which was the best? Well, to read in TnT…

(6 pages, drawings, data files)

  • And finally, two pages are reserved to the DVD news; this time: Fury.

As always, I warmly recommend TnT.

Daniel Clamot