It’s always a great pleasure to receive the new TnT magazine! This #41 is as usual a pleasure to read.

What is different this time is that the principal article is consacred to the Panzers of the Afrika Korps. Longly detailed, it takes so many pages that the usual comparative article is not present (but will be back in the #42!)

Trucks and Tanks Magazine TnT 41

Trucks and Tanks Magazine TnT 41

The French-speaking magazine contents what follows:

1.       30 Ton vehicle “Terrier” (actuality)

2.       The rocked launcher vehicles of WWII : very interesting article about the rocket launchers, including of course Stalin’s orgues but also other vehicles like the Calliope, etc.

3.       EntwicklungsFahrzeug E-10: Born to be a Hunter! Depicts the German project of a perfect hunter (tank killer) that would have be produced since the end of 1945. Intriguing vehicle, well born, it would have been a terrible adversarie for all the allied tanks.

4.       Afrika Korps Panzers in fight: that long article of no less than 22 pages is subdivised into chapters:

·         Problems of the Italian allied

·         Arrival of the Deutsches Afrika Korps

·         The Kurz guns era

·         The coming of the “long guns”

·         Tiger, the last joker of the DAK

That long article is absolutely complete and historically gives many informations.

5.       The British Artillery Tractors

6.       Lethal weapon: 8,8cm Pak 43

7.       The now unavoidable article about the “flying tanks”: OH-58D Kiowa helicopter

8.       And, last but not least, “Camo”; interesting and intruiging article about the chaos of the Libanese Civil War.

As usual, TnT is full of photos (many were unknown from me) and drawings.

A must! Thanks to Caractere for sample publication!

Daniel Clamot