French magazine TNT #37 (may-june 2013) is, as always, full of excellent and interresting articles.

Trucks & Tanks (TNT) Magazine 37

Trucks & Tanks (TNT) Magazine 37

In the “Actu” (= News) section is presented the new Turkish MBT Altay T1. Developed in partnership with South Korea, that tank is a (relative of course) low cost modern tank. It seems that Azerbaijan and Columbia are interested…

“Les pin-ups d’acier” (The steel pin-ups) is an interesting, intriguing and I must say funny article about the rare personalization of tanks during WWII. The painting of pin-ups on material is more well known in the aviation domain; but there were some cases for tanks.

“Les tueurs de JaBos” (JaBo’s killers) is a long article about the “Flakpanzers” Wirlbewind and Ostwind. As for the majority of excellent German material of WWII, we can resume as follows: “too few and too late”…

The most important article of the magazine is “Panhard EBR: l’exception à la française” (Panhard EBR: the French exception). I must say that that article is a must and must absolutely be read by all people interested on light vehicles. That looking-weird vehicle have a particular history: it was conceived 20 years before to become operational and then served in the French army for about 30 years! Such a longevity is exceptional!

“L’ours défie le Tigre” (The bear meet the tiger) is an article depicting theautopropulsed  heavy assault gun “Sturmgeschütz Bär”.

Also very interesting is the following article: “Le M4 Sherman était-il un mauvais char?” (Was the M4 Sherman a bad tank?) depicts and analyzes all the characteristics of the M4 Sherman and gives a state-of-the –art of its capacities.

Then follows “GMC: la bête de somme de l’US Army” (The GMC, the endless useful truck of the US Army). The characteristics and different versions are well depicted here.

Continuing with the “flying tanks” serie, it’s now the turn of the AH-64 to be presented in “AH-64 Apache:  sur  les sentiers de la guerre” (AH-64 Apache of the roads of war). The AH-64 Apache is an heavy attack helicopter that was conceived during the Cold War to counter the strength of the ground Soviet troops. As always: characteristics, versions, drawings… Simply a perfect article.

And finally, the habitual “who versus who” depicts the 57mm M1A3 gun against the 5cm PAK 38.

As always, I strongly recommend that magazine to all of who familiar with French language. Order your sample copy here! Special tnaks to Caraktere who provide free sample of publication.

Daniel Clamot