When I received those little packs, I stay stunned because the pilots are so tiny but really well molded and full of realism! Each pack contains two pilots. For this review, I’ve h-just painted one of each pack only.

Brengun little pilots

Brengun little pilots

Only one or two bubbles were present in the resin but easily eliminated with Vallejo putty. The figures received a white primer, then after some search of documentation on Google (type “MiG 21 pilot suit” and “RAF WWII pilot suit”) were painted with acrylic paints. Easy work, the figures being perfect!

After painting, I used Vallejo Brown Glaze heavily diluted with water to give some darker zones, and mark the eyes and the month of the pilots.

Once dry, I removed the pilots from the resin carrots with the help of a razor blade.

The MiG-21 pilot was glued on top of one of Frédéric Mertès airfield base an I placed the East-German MiG-21 from Eduard near the pilot. For the WWII RAF pilot, I placed him near a Hurricane MK I from Sweet. As you can see on the photos, result is stunning, amazing, … Incredible but… Splendid!

I recommend warmly those products! You can get RAF pilot here and MiG-21 pilot here!

Big thanks to Brengun for product samples.

Daniel Clamot