As Great War Aviation Series no.2 this is a new title in this book series describing the seaplane fighters used by Germany in the first World War.

German Seaplane Fighters of WWI

German Seaplane Fighters of WWI

Author Jack Herris has divided this landscape orientation book in six separate chapters:

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Single seat float fighters
Chapter 3 Flying boat fighters
Chapter 4 Two seat biplane fighters
Chapter 5 Two seat monoplanes
Chapter 6 In retrospect

Chapter 1 is a quite lengthy introduction of 14 pages. In the following chapters not only a type by type description is given, but also an overview of the numbers built and technical specifications.

The choice of the chapters may be a little bit arbitrary, but at least it categorises the various types used.

This 144 page book is well illustrated with a large number of photos of excellent quality and it is more a photo book rather than a textbook, although the text given is concise and relevant! The book does not contain any 3-view line drawings, but nice colour profiles are given of the most relevant types.

Artwork on the book’s cover and inside is really excellent! The price is a very modest U.S. $ 7.99. Highly recommended!

Book details: 

Title:                            German Seaplane Fighters of WWI – A Centennial Perspective On Great War Seaplanes
Author:                        Jack Herris
Publisher:                    Aeronaut Books, Canada
Size and type:             A4 Landscape; softcover
Number of pages:        144
ISBN:                          978-1-935881-51-3
Price:                           U.S. $ 7.99 + P&P

With special thanks to Aeronaut Books for providing a free E-book sample.

Nico Braas

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