The Aviodrome Theme Park Museum at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands was since a few months in serious financial problems. This has finally resulted in its bankruptcy by end of November 2011.

Negotiations with an investment group that already has several recreational parks and small private museums were progressed very far, but the bank that had to finance a possible restart refused to loan money for this operation.

Aviodrome closes its gates!

Aviodrome closes its gates!

The Curator has decided today, 22 December 2011, to close the museum. Last visiting day for the public will be on Friday 23 December 2011. There is still hope that the very unique aviation collection can be saved. If not, everything will be auctioned.

A sad end for a beautiful museum that it definitely did not deserve!!

All employees and volunteers were informed today on the decision of the Curator that they lost their jobs.

Nico Braas