Retrowings continues to develop his range of 1/144th scale detail set; this time offering three cockpit sets for the Alpha Jet (one of the beautifulest existing aircrafts, in y humble opinion).

Set RW 44014 is designed for Luftwaffe A-Jets, set RW 44015 is designed for French aircrafts and set RW 44016 for Belgian ones. To be known that the seats are different… Each set contains the seats; the pilot and copilot flight sticks; the instrument panel and the interior. The Luftwaffe set also includes alternative S-IIIS-AJ seats. Belgium uses Martin Baker MB10N instead.

Alpha Jet detail set

Alpha Jet detail set

The resin is fine and nicely molded, and those little parts will add a fantastic touch of realism to your aircrafts.

Highly recommended!

To be noted that a tail correction set (RW 44017) exists, to correct the big mistake made by Revell (the tail don’t have that “banana style” showed in the kit…)

Daniel Clamot

Sincere thanks to Retrowings for sample product