[dropcap]F[/dropcap]-100 Super Sabre was very important aircraft during the cold war operated by USAF as well most of the NATO members. Written by top expert in the field the book about its service provide very valuable data. Durings its early service F-100 was plagued with high rate of accidents while the many pilots find it very good aircraft to fly. Book is made from six chapters and they are Development, Warhorse, The Mission, Wild Weasels, Mistyfac and final is Appendices.

F-100 units in Vietnam

F-100 units in Vietnam

First chapter as the name state, provide full info about the development of the F-100 which started as basic wing development fro F-86 and this was turn into development of entirely new machine and in this design was used much of data from German WW2 research. Second chapter, Warhorse describe combat engagement of the F-100 in Asia and this start with mission started at 13. January 1965 from Korat air base. This chapter include great number info with units and mission released by this type. Next chapter has similar content and the Wild Weasels chapter bring story about electronic warfare and all caused SAM missiles actions.

Title: F-100 Super Sabre units of the Vietnam War
Author: Peter E. Davis and David W. Menard
Publisher: Osprey
Format: B5 softcover
Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-1-84908-446-8

Book have great number of the images, black and white as well color and in the middle pages are published a number of excellent color profiles of the F-100. Most important is that it is easy to read and it bring top info and make it for sure best reference of the subject. Highly recommended!! You can get your sample direct here!

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