[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ctually the egg-planes are coming back on the market, knowing a nice sales success. There are funny kits, easy to build, giving humoristic touch to your collection of models.

But on the other hand there are also basics, with no or poor cockpit… It is the case of the Egg-P51D from Hasegawa: the cockpit is represented by a single part, without any feature; and a pilot bust in two parts. The pilot is very nice with big eyes!!! – But it’s somewhat a poor cockpit anyway…

RetroWings Egg Mustang cockpit

RetroWings Egg Mustang cockpit


After having released its cockpit detail set for the AFV Club Egg-Mirage 2000, and somewhat surprised by the real success of that set, Dominique Jadoul decided to make other sets, for other airplanes – See the article about RetrokiT on Warplanes #5. He motivated a team of friends to help him for that; but the Cockpit Detail Set for the Egg-Mustang is from his own work.

So, what do you find in that set? First, no pilot – A separate, standing outside the cockpit pilot will be released soon; but instead a COMPLETE interior with a detailed seat with seatbelts, engraved sides of the cockpit; visor; flightstick. No less than 6 parts (compared to the Hasegawa’s lone part) that are just awaiting for a good painting. You have also a short instruction sheet that explains what must be removed from the kit to allow the good fitting of the detail set, and a color photo that can be helpful for painting.

Good to know is also that the price of that detail set is very cheap…

Conclusion: I highly recommend the use of that detail set! For myself, I will soon begin the building of my Mustang, with that set, and of course will present it on the forum

Daniel Clamot

Sample product is provided by RetrokiT