[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter more than ten years of preparation the Stichting Fokker G-1 (Foundation Fokker G-1) and publisher Lanasta have finally released a book on the well-known Fokker G-1 with its characteristic double tail. The G-1 was introduced at the Paris Airshow of 1936 and created such a sensation that it was called ‘le Faucher’ (the Reaper) because of its very heavy armament concentrated in the nose.

Fokker G-1 jachtkruiser - Deel 1

Fokker G-1 jachtkruiser - Deel 1


The book was introduced on 27 August 2011 during the Fokker weeks held at Haarlem to commemorate that Anthony Fokker flew a hundred years ago around the St. Bavo Cathedral.

The total amount of book material accumulated was so large that it was decided to split it in two parts. Part 1, just released, handles the development, test flying of the prototype, construction of the operational version for the Dutch air force LVA, a thorough technical description and the negotiations with several European countries who wanted to purchase it for their own armed forces.

Part 2 will cover its operational use at the Dutch air force before and during the war. Also the use by the Luftwaffe of captured G-1’s will be discussed. The publisher hopes to release Part 2 in the autumn of 2012.

This first book is divided in the following five sections:

1.             The first G-1

2.             A bigger G-1

3.             Foreign interest

4.             Variants

5.             The G-2 and G-3

The books starts with a separate section explaining type designation of Fokker aircraft, used  abbreviations, military ranks and an overview of Fokker’s technical department including a short introduction of Fokker’s most important technical managers and test pilots.

In the five other sections the design and construction of the prototype and the various operational versions is amply discussed with many photos and drawings. Most of the drawings are made by Jan Broos and these are really fantastic!

Variants discussed include the G-1 fitted with a mock-up of a nose with Perspex panels for an observer. It was intended as an armed reconnaissance plane. Also the G-1 experimentally fitted with a ventral observer’s ‘bathtub’ is discussed.

The book ends with a detailed description of the various designs of the G-2 and the G-3 and a number of detailed annexes. In total the book contains 245 photo’s and  106 drawings, including a number of colour profiles and 3-views. This also includes profiles of various export versions that were eventually never supplied because of the outbreak of the war.

We can only say this is the final book on the G-1written by experts and we can hardly wait to see Part 2!

Book rating: Excellent; recommended!!

Book details:

Title:                       Fokker G-1 jachtkruiser Deel 1

Authors:                                Frits Gerdessen, Karel Kalkman, Cor Oostveen and Willem Vredeling

Type/size:             Hardcover A4 size on glossy paper  with 248 pages

ISBN no.:              978-90-8616-110-2

Language:             Dutch with an English summary. All captions of photos and drawings are bi-lingual

Publisher:              Lanasta, Slenerbrink 206, 7812 HJ Emmen, the Netherlands (www.lanasta.nl)

Price:                      Euro 36.75 excluding P&P

Where to buy:      in the specialized aviation bookshops or online at www.aviationmegastore.com; www.flash-                           aviation.nl  or www.fokkerg-1.nl

With special thanks to Jantinus Mulder from publisher Lanasta for providing a free review copy of this book.

Nico Braas